Welcome to my website! Please come in, and join me for a stroll through my home town.

~ My Home Town ~

I live in Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C. near Andrews Air Force Base, where the President's aircraft, Air Force One is based.

My home, a tristate area, is an hour's drive to Baltimore, where the Baltimore Oriole's baseball team resides, and is also home to the National Football League team, the Ravens.

(However, my favorite team is the Washington Redskins!) :-) But that's another story we'll go into another time.

The University of Maryland, a lovely small college town, where both my daughters attended school.

In the opposite direction towards the Eastern Shore, is Annapolis, Maryland, home of the United States Naval Academy near the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.

United States Naval Academy Chapel

Next we cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, where we move on to the Eastern Shore and the beaches of Ocean City, Maryland and the Delaware beaches, where people from this area spend their summers.

We celebrate Spring with a walk across the bridge.

Lots more to come so please visit me again!

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