In Memory of Jo Ann Raley

July 10, 1930 - September 7, 2010

Beloved wife of 50 years of William K. Raley; mother of Venita D. Gibson and Gayle Ann Watterson; daughter of the late Gaylord and Thelma Lovvorn; sister of the late Betty Ann Hartnett and Thelma Gayle Saulter; grandmother of Cynthia Christine Clegg, Samantha Jo Watterson, and Sarah Lynne Watterson.

Jo Ann Raley (May 1960)

Jo Ann and Bill (Early 1970s)

Jo Ann Raley (December 1982)

Gayle and Mike's wedding (December 1982)

February 1979 blizzard on Murray Hill Drive... we never forgot that one!

We bought our home on Murray Hill Drive (Summer 1960)

Gayle, Jo Ann, and Thelma at Virginia Beach (early 1960s)

Jo Ann at Virginia Beach

Jo Ann and Gayle at Virginia Beach (early 1970s). We vacationed at Virginia Beach every Summer from the early 1960s until 1980.

Jo Ann and Venita (early 1950s)

Venita (1970s)

Thelma, Gayle Saulter, Jo Ann

Bill and Jo Ann at Strasburg, Pennsylvania (June 1974)

After Venita's high school graduation at Nancy's home (June 1967)

Gayle's 10th birthday (June 1971)

Gayle's 11th birthday (June 1972)

Jo Ann and Betty at Christmas (early 1970s)

Dinner with Thelma and Bill's dad on Murray Hill Drive

Bill's mom visiting on Murray Hill Drive

Cindy and Granny Jo. Jo Ann dearly loved her granddaughters!

Sami Jo and Granny Jo. Jo Ann was very proud of her granddaughters accomplishments!

Sarah Lynne and Granny Jo. Jo Ann's youngest granddaughter.

School picture of Jo Ann (Alabama)

Jo Ann loved her WebTV internet terminal... creating and working on her website... her cyber friends the world over.

The Washington Redskins were Jo Ann's favorite team. She seldom missed watching them on TV.

Jo Ann could never forget our wonderful neighbors at Huntley Square... Patricia, Delicha, Lovey, and the late Don and Bruce Bertman.

Jo Ann Raley's Obituary