Toy Trains

A nice hand-made steel floor train that was a Christmas gift from my wife (1995).

Schylling Clockwork Rocket Carousel and Miniature Carousel Christmas Tree Ornament. These lithographed tin toys were originally made in the 1920s-1940s. The ones shown are
recent reproductions.

Schylling Aerodrome Clockwork Toy. The airplanes have celluloid propellers that spin. Wind-Up Panda Drummer is on right. These are also reproductions.

Streamline Train by Schylling

Chrome plated wind up reproduction of toys of the 1930s-1950s.

Two attractive Avon porcelain collectibles (1990-1992). Lionel 1928 #381E and Lionel 1931 #400E Blue Comet. These capture the glossy enamel appearance of the original locomotives.

My smallest Lionel Train! Lionel keychain has operating
Santa Fe F3 with passenger cars.

Hallmark Lionel GG1 Christmas tree ornament from 1998. This looks nice on my N scale railroad!

Strombecker Rock Island Rocket. This 1/8 inch scale wood and paper kit is from 1947. It cost $1.59. It has an E6 Diesel locomotive and three cars.

Another Strombecker 1/8 inch scale kit. I have several freight car kits. They were 25 cents each in 1947.

An Atlas O Scale F9A from the early 1970s. In 1970, Atlas and AHM released two-rail O scale locomotives and freight cars.

Bachmann HO Scale Septa PCC (1982). Although this isn't a toy train, you won't see many of these, because Septa told Bachmann to discontinue this paint scheme.

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