A Look Back...

On this page, I'll take a look back over the years to the present time. More photos and the story will be added to this page soon.

The photo above is our first N scale layout in 1974. I wish I had photos of this layout after it was completed. You'd see how much can be put on a 4'x2' layout in N scale. Maybe I'll find a photo of it someday.

The N scale layouts shown below followed in 1978-79 and in 1981-83.

Construction was in progress on the 1978 layout. It was 11 feet long.

There were 19" radius curves on this layout.

The 1978 layout had a six-track freight yard and a locomotive service track.

This was the second move for the 1978 layout. It had been shortened to 10 feet long. The "engineer" is the son of a co-worker visiting the railroad in 1982.

When the layout was shortened, the roundhouse and turntable were placed at the end. The length of the freight yard had to be reduced.

In 1983, the layout was dismantled and put in storage. I derived a lot of pleasure from it in the five years it was in use. It was built in 1978-79, then moved and shortened, and moved once again in late 1980.

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"Toy Trains . . . the photos and story of my Lionel, American Flyer, and Marx toy trains.

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