The Cincinnatian

Southern Pacific Daylight


Baltimore and Ohio Railroad's Cincinnatian locomotive and a Southern Pacific GS4 Daylight are my latest conversion and decorating projects.

Bachmann Norfolk & Western Class "J" locomotives were used for the conversions. Styrene was used to create the side skirts and cab modifications. The pilot on the Cincinnatian was formed from cardstock. Photos show the work in progress.

History and photo of the Cincinnatian

Norfolk & Western Class "J" Locomotive


Presently running is a coal train with 32 loaded 90 ton Chessie 3-Bay hoppers with two Reading 4-8-4s "Double Heading" the train. These big engines with their sixteen-wheel tenders are over 18" long! This is quite a sight!

In all, I have 100 of these Chessie 90 ton 3-bay hoppers. These are Atlas, Life Like, Con-Cor, and Industrial Rail cars. Most are factory painted. I painted and decorated 12 of them. They are sub-lettered for B&O, WM, and C&O with many different road numbers.

On another track is a 48 car Mixed Freight with PRR FA2, PRR FB2, two PRR SD7s, and a PRR F7A. Listen to the horn!

There's another long freight train with three Lehigh Valley GP18s and two Lehigh Valley F7As. These maroon and black engines really look nice.

One of my favorite freight cars is the Pacific Fruit Express refrigerator car. I have sixty-four 50' and 57' PFE cars similar to the one shown above.

The Auto-Train (1970s) is also running today. Three Auto-Train engines are pulling five auto carriers, nine full-dome passenger cars, a heater car, and an Auto-Train caboose. The Auto-Train is nearly nine feet long!

History of the Original Auto-Train

I recently painted and decorated this Auto-Train GP40. Three engines pull the Auto-Train now!


The story and photos of Bill's Circus Scene, U.S. Army Military Scene, and Downtown Scene.

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